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Me, sitting in St. Mary Island.

Coming towards one of the most difficult things, saying something about myself. I personally find it fairly hard to describe myself and therefore, I let others make their own opinions and express the constructive thoughts they possess. One fear I must admit is my anticipation regarding to your views, which hopefully will not be rapid. Referring to some of my friends, who utter nice beliefs, yet naughty in a friendly manner.

Anyway, let me try... I am ?? years old; name is what you already know. Question about the nationality is a little too much. Married? Oh yes, I am delighted to give the answer as NO, for the reason that I am single. On the top of all this given information, I do know a lot about myself but all that information is top secret and somewhat acute. Hence, it cannot be simply given away on the wild world of Internet. However, if you do agree to keep a secret, I can tell you that I am the next 007 and at this present moment I am 008 - please do not question my mathematics skills.

Still interested to read more? Please keep on reading...

I am very techaholic person as well as being tech-shopaholic. Did you just see, I'm so good at inventing new things. LOL. It was me who discovered this whole new World in the near mid 1980s, when I was born. Let me take this opportunity to shed some light on the terms you've read above. I am not shopaholic as for visiting NEXT or TopMan, but places such as PC World. However, allow me to clear the confusion, as some of the readers may assume; I do not go to Debenhams searching for Microsoft® wireless keyboard and optical mouse or a hard disc enclosure box with RJ45 jack in fcuk.

I love technology and for sure I'm never going to get bored of it. My love for technology is infinite but the only sad part in this blind love is that you do not get to do something amatory, which is funny. This excludes the touching and holding of hardware components. LOL. However, to make it more romantic and to fill it up to the brim, I could have my MacBook in my lap for hours... Then, we both can discover the joys of searching the web; trying new software or doing whatever the technology throws at us. The best bet is that we do it together, and not forgetting the iPhone, which always remind me of the phrase, An iPhone app a day, keeps the boredom away.

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